Product highlights

Product highlights

Mondi develops innovative, high-performance, and eco-efficient packaging solutions that touch the lives of millions of people worldwide. Please find our product highlights at PACK EXPO 2017 below:


A Bag in a Bag

Peel Pak is a unique bag for the packaging of dry dairy and related food products suitable for a clean room environment. The inner film bag is heat sealed and can be completely separated from the outer paper plies or glued in based on your requirements. To assist in bag deaeration prior to palletizing, the film bag also includes optional venting methods depending on the ply utilized. We also have the ability to make filling ‘vent-free’ for nitro-flush applications. The bag’s flat bottom allows for better palletization and a more stable pallet for storage and shipment.

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You are a unique customer to us with completely unique marketing and operational needs. For that reason we have developed the custoMYzed line of consumer packaging with defined options for premium printing, packaging design, and closing features that allow you to differentiate your product in the market while optimizing your production performance. Thanks to our expertise in the market and our location in the heartland of the United States, as well as other global locations, we can deliver cost effectively to a variety of locations and for markets from pet food and hygiene to frozen food and beyond.

At PACK EXPO 2017 we will be showcasing this approach with our flexzibox line of side-gusseted consumer packaging.

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SKOG for Food

SKOG for Food is Mondi’s newest packaging for food that combines FSC®-certified kraft paper with Mondi’s proprietary extrusion coating technology. This combination provides a heat-sealable package with the necessary barrier for food freshness perfectly fitted to run on form-fill-seal machinery.

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Water-soluble film

Mondi’s new water-soluble film offers you a smart, convenient, and biodegradable solution for packing and easy dosing of powders, tabs, and granulates. Whether it’s for ready-to-use doses of household dishwasher, laundry detergents, or chemicals for industrial applications, Mondi’s water-soluble film provides excellent barrier properties to protect both the product and the end user.